What are Sound Rink's policies on refunds?

Sound Rink will NOT offer refunds under these circumstances:

  • Accidentally purchased the wrong VIP package or pre-sale ticket
  • Purchased a VIP upgrade (no ticket included) and pre-sale tickets and/or general admission tickets have sold out through the venue or another third party seller.
  • Missed meet & greet or concert entirely
  • VIP package or ticket was put under the wrong name and were unable to attend
  • Weather conditions unless there is a natural disaster
  • Sound Rink will NOT offer refunds for any of the following personal reasons:
  • Being sick
  • Having no means of transportation or car breaking down
  • A sudden death in the family or a spouse passing away
  • Traveling to another country or going on vacation when the concert will take place
  • Moving to a different state where the concert will not be held
  • An emergency situation such as you or a family member having to go to the hospital prior to the event occurring.
Sound Rink will offer refunds* under these circumstances: 
  • Proof of a fraudulent charge on a debit or credit card
  • Cancellation of a show 
  • Show is to be postponed but cannot make new date

*If a refund is provided the customer will be charged a restocking fee depending on the item and amount purchased.