What are Sound Rink's policies on refunds?

Sound Rink will NOT offer refunds under these circumstances:

  • Accidentally purchased the wrong VIP package or pre-sale ticket
  • Purchased a VIP upgrade (no ticket included) and pre-sale tickets and/or general admission tickets have sold out through the venue or another third party seller.
  • Missed meet & greet or concert entirely
  • VIP package or ticket was put under the wrong name and were unable to attend
  • Weather conditions unless there is a natural disaster
  • Sound Rink will NOT offer refunds for any of the following personal reasons:
  • Being sick
  • Having no means of transportation or car breaking down
  • A sudden death in the family or a spouse passing away
  • Traveling to another country or going on vacation when the concert will take place
  • Moving to a different state where the concert will not be held
  • An emergency situation such as you or a family member having to go to the hospital prior to the event occurring.
Sound Rink will offer refunds* under these circumstances: 
  • Proof of a fraudulent charge on a debit or credit card
  • Cancellation of a show 
  • Show is to be postponed but cannot make new date**

*If a refund is provided the customer will be charged a restocking fee depending on the item and amount purchased.

**When the rescheduled dates are announced, you will be emailed this information. A 30 day refund window may be available from the date of the announcement of rescheduled dates. These details will be included in the email notification to you. If refunds are available, they will only be allowed to be requested within the 30 day refund window. If requests are made after the 30 day window, a refund will not be processed.